Addons and additions to the Zope site concept.

Integration between the ZCA site system, configured site policies, and the persistent database.

In the Zope world, sites are objects that can express configuration by holding onto an instance of IComponents known as its site manager. Typically they are arranged in a tree, with the global site at the root of the tree. Site managers inherit configuration from their parents (bases, which may or may not be their __parent__). Often, they are persistent and part of the traversal tree. One site is the current site and the ZCA functions (e.g., IComponentArchitecture.queryUtility()) apply to that site.

Our application has one main persistent site, the application site, containing persistent utilities (such as the application object). This site, or a descendent of it, must always be the current site when executing application code.

In our application, we also have the concept of site policies, something that is applied based on virtual hosting. A site policy is also an IComponents, registered in the global site as a utility named for the hostname to which it should apply (e.g., domain.example.com). Historically, these are not necessarily persistent and part of the traversal tree. Now, we expect them to be persistent, though they are still not part of the traversal tree.

Thus there are two things to accomplish: make the application site the current site, and also construct a site that descends from that site and contains any applicable policies that are globally configured.

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