nti.site.transient module

Transient, in-memory, non-persistent site and site manager implementations. These are used to get non-persistent host-based global IComponents into the base resolution order.

class nti.site.transient.BasedSiteManager(site, name, bases)[source]

Bases: zope.site.site.LocalSiteManager

A site manager that exists simply to have bases, but not to record itself as children of those bases (since that’s unnecessary for our purposes and leads to ZODB conflicts).

class nti.site.transient.HostSiteManager(site, name, host_components, persistent_components)[source]

Bases: nti.site.transient.BasedSiteManager

A site manager that is intended to be used with globally registered IComponents plus the application persistent components.

class nti.site.transient.TrivialSite(site_manager)[source]

Bases: zope.container.contained.Contained

Trivial non-persistent implementation of ISite